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Baby room fun

This morning the baby room began stamping dinosaurs in their grass and soil messy play tray this was then extended to lots of messy play fun with paints

The children were encouraged to explore the paint with their fingers and toes as well as dinosaurs and cars creating awe and wonder, curiosity as well as critical thinking, trial and error and exploring through play

The benefits of Paints and young children There are so many benefits to art and painting in general, but when it comes to toddlers and beginning artists, having the freedom to decide on their own techniques and create whatever they want has some great benefits.

It’s a great messy, sensory activity with the paint and texturesIt involves all of the senses: seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and even tasting if you use edible paint Children learn about colours and mixing coloursIt helps with the development of hand-eye coordination Finger painting in particular helps strengthen the finger and hand muscles Allowing them to use their fingers or other body parts is great for those who don’t yet have the ability to use a brush The focus of the art is on the process as opposed to the end piece

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