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Outdoor Environment

Our garden space allows all children to explore the outdoors, take supported risks and allows unique experiences to take place throughout the year. This is in our safe and caring environment. 

Our garden in separated into 2 area, a smaller area for our babies and young children and a larger area for our preschool children. We have the fluidity here at Littleleaps to allow the children to explore both indoor and outdoor at their own pace.
Both groups have the opportunity to freely access their own safe outdoor area's independently from the main play space allowing for adults to follow their lead in play. 

The outdoor space allows children to use their senses, natural inquisitiveness and their intuition. In addition fantastic opportunities allow children to explore, socialise, exercise and take a variety of learning experiences outdoors.

We have noticed in our outdoor environment that children have a fascination of finding bugs and looking at them through magnifying glasses allowing the opportunity for continued learning experiences.

On occasions we have the opportunity to visit our local park to collect natural resources. We also have the chance to play on the park equipment too. 

We are pleased that we are also taking part in the Sun Safe nurseries national accreditation programme- the content of which forms part of our duty of care to ensure the health and well being of your child during their time with us. 


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