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Babies and Young children

We would like to welcome you to our cosy home from home baby and young children's room.

We appreciate this may be the first time you have left your baby in someone else's care and that this can be an anxious time for you and your child. We want to make this experience as smooth as we can for all involved and our first step is getting to know all about you and your child, so please do come in and visit us.


Littleleaps is a small, bright, open planned setting that is divided into 2 groups; 'babies and young children' and 'preschool' both areas have access to their outdoor areas. We care for up to 6 children within our 'babies and young children's space' at any one time. We would like to assure you that we love to give babies plenty of individual attention within a safe and secure environment. Children are warmly welcomed each day by familiar staff whom they develop strong relationships with. 

 Upon arrival we would like to gain as much information as possible with regards to your child's individual routine, likes, dislikes and we understand this may change frequently at this age. Our focus is on creating a nurturing environment for all children to enjoy.

All activities are assessed to the needs of the children and are carefully planned to promote their individual developmental stages. We use our tapestry learning journals to promote communication with parents and to keep you updated on your child's time at nursery. We follow a simple flexible routine to meet the needs of the children as well as provide daily opportunities for singing, stories and sensory experiences to develop early language skills


Staff at Littleleaps provide a wide variety of toys and resources to stimulate all areas of development with a focus on the 3 prime areas of learning. Children are able to access and flow between indoor and outdoor learning experiences as they develop their own interests and ways of learning. Here at Littleleaps, we take a mixed approach for the use of natural resources and every day objects as well as bright coloured toys directed for young children. Please see our quality childcare section for more information around Early Years Education and our curriculum.

Please do get in contact if you have any questions. 


Please also visit our Parent support page for useful links, tips and tricks. 
Our babies and young children policy can be located within the nursery for our procedures around feeding, sleeps, dummy use and bottles.

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