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Online Safety

What children in the early years are doing online-
Children in the early years are now more digitally savvy than ever before. Their use of digital devices is commonplace with apps like YouTube Kids becoming a destination of choice for 72% of children aged 3 to 4 according to a recent Ofcom report.

Research also shows that children are moving away from watching TV, opting for video-on-demand content on video-sharing platforms to watch cartoons, mini movies and songs. However, unlike older children, only a small number of children aged 3 to 4 (23%) play games online. 

The Government have produced some useful information pages for families to access, here. Ongoing research suggests there are both positive and negative developmental outcomes. 


Benefits of screen use include:

opportunities to promote creativity and learning
language development
improvement of numeracy and literacy skills
greater understanding of their world
development of digital skills


Challenges of screen use include:

impact on children’s ability to control their emotions
displacement of activities that promote social interactions vital for development
risk of exposure to inappropriate content

Therefore, here at Littleleaps although we embrace technology and all the strengths it provides we are also very aware of the ongoing challenges excessive screen time provides. We use a balanced approach limiting times this is available alongside many online safety strategies such as those listed below. 

Online Safety 


​Here at Little Leaps Nursery we understand the importance of E-safety for children. Technology has developed a lot which can put children in a vulnerable position. Organisations such as the NSPCC provide guidance on how to approach e-safety with your children and advice on how to make your home e-safe.

Please click here to be directed to the NSPCC for further advice, free online safety resources and free safety webinars.

Making your home E-safer

By taking some small steps to make your house an ‘e-safe’ place can help keep your children safe online.

Parental controls: These can be activated on electronic device. Internet Matters provides advice and guidance on how to set up parental controls. Please click here to view this information.


Search engines can be used by children to search the internet safely. Please click the images below to direct you to these child friendly search engines. 




Common sense media: This provides up to date and useful reviews on the latest games, films, television shows and books. Please click the image below for a link to this website.

YouTube kids account: You can see what your children have been watching and control what they have access to. Please click the image below to link you to this website.

          Please click here for further information on keeping your child safe on YouTube or click here to be linked to our                                                                       parent information page for more information 

At Little Leaps we have our own ICT and Social Media policy that we will we happy to discuss if you have any further questions or further advice. 

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