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World Art Day 2024

World Art Day celebrations helps encourage a greater awareness of diversity, artistic expressions, inclusiveness, and different art cultures. Today we have been exploring different famous artists and their work; comparing the differences between them. We explored a variety of collage images and illustrations that children cut out with scissors; exploring different colours and identity of each artist. Children selected various shapes, images and patterns to create their artwork. We explored some art by Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso to name a few.

For World Art Day we created our own pictures and designs showing creativity and inspiration from those around us at nursery such as peers and members of staff as well as influence from other artists.

Art is proven to nurture creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe, and it plays an important role in sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity and dialogue.

We would love to see any photo's on tapestry of any art work you have created at home.

Thank you:)

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