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National Story Telling Week

This week is National story telling week and we will be celebrating by holding a...

Ready, Steady, Listen event!

This week at Little Leaps the children are taking part in Ready, Steady, Listen. This is in partnership with Usborne Books.

The aim is to allow children to develop a passion of reading and listening for pleasure. Next week the children will be sponsored to listen for an amount of time per day with their parent, an adult or older child (please refer to your sponsorship forms). Usborne books will then offer up to 60% of the money raised in free books to our nurseries.

During the week the children showed an interest in the gruffalo story book and listened to a practitioner read this on numerous occasions. “Gruffalo crumble” the adult read in the book.

We then decided to make our very own gruffalo crumble to have at snack time. The children helped mix all the ingredients together and followed an adults direction and created their own ideas too.

Then at snack time all the children were confident to try the crumble! “We had gruffalo crumble, I’m so excited” a child said.

We also had a keen interest in the Tiger who Came to Tea! The children especially enjoyed making their very own tiger food for the tigers at nursery. This imagination supported the development of their imagination, through real and familiar, to complete fantasy.

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