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National library month

National library month This morning we had a very exciting visit to our local library first; we waited at the bus stop ready for our bus to take us into Grantham town. The children were fascinated by all the transport driving past whilst we waited. We saw a tractor (who pipped his horn and waved hello), a race car, a motorbike, cars and vans. The children gave them a big wave. Once arriving on the bus we paid the bus driver and sat down on our seats ready for our adventure to the library.

One child said “it’s a holiday” and they were so excited showing big smiles on their faces. Once we arrived at the library the children each chose a book they would like to read. We explored our favourite stories too and chose some books to bring to nursery to show our other friends.

The children listened so well throughout our whole adventure. Honey Bear also joined us for the morning. What a fun day we’ve had

Also this afternoon another parent came to be our mystery reader as our surprise today. The children absolutely loved the stories and listened so well to two brand new stories A big thank you to one of the daddies who was our surprise today

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