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World Water Day 2022

World Water Day 2022

This term we have incorporated world water day into our day. We painted our own world globes and loosely discussed the different features in the world we live in.

One pre-school child said “that’s the water that we drink and swim in”. We then looked at other water uses and what we use water for in this country. We then compared to some other countries too. When an adult asked “where does water come from?” A child replied “a sink”. This was a great opportunity to explore where our water comes from and compare to other countries around the world.

During a video on our interactive screen a group of children were able to answer a variety of questions about our water uses. One pre-school child said “you get sick with dirty water”.

We then explored the story “the Water Princess” based on a childhood experience from Africa in an illustrated form.

So many fantastic learning opportunities taken place.

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