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World food day

World Food Day

This week in the pre-school and baby room we have focused on world food day. We have learnt where different food originate from and tried some Indian and Greek food at snack time (We have more food items to try during the week).

We have focused on the importance of where our food comes from; such as farming.

Therefore, we created our own farm shop and the children used real vegetables to sell in their shop; role playing throughout.

We then watched a presentation about food and loosely touched on hunger and how other countries compare to us. Also focusing on the different types of food from around the world

The pre-school children were happy to discuss their favourite foods and designed these on a plate.

The babies enjoyed vegetable printing with the paints and seeing the marks this made on their paper. They also played in a varsity of tuff spots with different sensory items to explore the farm animals.

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