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World Dinosaur Day

Here at Little Leaps dinosaurs has always been a popular topic and interest for children. These incredible creatures spark children’s imagination and curiosity, and they offer endless learning opportunities. When children follow their interests they are more likely to maintain attention and ask questions. Dinosaurs definitely provoke so many questions and spark conversations around topics such as time, history, extinction etc.

They teach children that we don’t know everything about our world—we are still learning and exploring too. Therefore, children can confidently offer their own theories too. Dinosaur role play often happens daily at nursery; where children create their own games using their imagination.

Dinosaurs encourage children’s dispositions for learning. They were magnificent and it is almost impossible not to be curious about them. Children will want to know more about them and will facilitate their own discovery. We often find children looking through our dinosaur fact books at nursery; asking a variety of questions throughout. Our teacher Noah shared images from his trip to the National History Museum and we learnt new interesting facts about dinosaurs too.

The story of dinosaurs is almost unbelievable—it is better than fiction! When children hear and tell their own stories they strengthen their oral communication and listening skills. Dinosaurs provoke conversations and social interactions. The dinosaur books at nursery are always some of the children’s favourites. We have a range of dinosaur activities throughout the day today and can’t wait to extend this interest further. The pre-school children have discussed this topic at welcome time and are ready to learn even more!

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