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World Book Day 2023

Today all the children spent time dressing up as their favourite book characters; exploring a range of different books too. At nursery the children discussed their favourite book and who they each dressed up as today. "I'm Matilda", "I'm a princess", "I'm Tinkerbell", "I'm Captain America", "postman pat" to name a few. We then read a selection of books and focused on the children's interests throughout the nursery activities.

In the pre-school room we engaged in dinosaur activities- focused around our dinosaur fact books, Superworm, the Gruffalo, The Tiger who Came to Tea, Little Read Riding Hood, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Owl Babies and more. The children enjoyed making their very own Gruffalo crumble to try at snack time. During this time an adult read the Gruffalo story book and we all decided what ingredients add into our creation. The children independently chopped their apples using child safety knifes during the activity. This was a great opportunity to use our imagination throughout and experience our peers ideas and thoughts; to make our own narratives.

In the babyroom the children enjoyed exploring Mr tumble stories and the Very Hungry caterpillar. The children made their very own caterpillars by making prints and mark making. The children engaged in water play to link with the Mr Tumble bath time book. The children enjoyed splashing during this time. Throughout the day we explored books independently, with our peers and staff too.

Please remember your £1 book token- valid until 26th March 2023. Thank you everyone for such a fun day today please check tapestry for our group photos too

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