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World animal day

World Animal Day 2023 is observed every year on the 4th of October. Its purpose is to promote the rights of animals and improve the lives of animals around the world- creating an awareness around this topic.

The theme for World Animal Day 2023 is “Great or Small, Love Them All”. With this in mind; we have been focusing on a variety of animals throughout the day at nursery. The children have enjoyed learning facts and exploring their favourite animals.

We have focused on the importance of respecting animals and looking after wildlife, from insects to mammals. The children have enjoyed listening to animal stories throughout the day and watching educational videos about their favourite animals. This sparked lots of conversations between the children discussing ideas around this topic of focus. We painted some of the animals we had focused on throughout our group times.

At welcome time the lower and upper pre-children focused on their family pets. They all had the chance to share their thoughts during this time. Thank you to all those who have previously shared pet photos on tapestry as children could visually see each others pets.

This week the pre-school children found a snail in the garden and therefore followed this interest stemmed from the children. We had the opportunity to describe the texture and explored what the snail may eat. The children found grass in the garden and explored other natural items to help care for the snail. Today, we focused on snails and explored what new facts we could learn about them.

The children in the babyroom enjoyed exploring animal puzzles and matching the two pieces together. They explored animal songs too; making all the animal sounds.

Over the weekend one child had the opportunity to hold an owl! We shared the photographs with our friends and participated in activities around this topic. The children enjoyed listening to ‘owl babies’ at welcome time (after listening to the child’s experience with owls). We then designed our own owls; similar to those in the story.

Please share any photographs on tapestry that you may have that link with the topic “world animal day”.

Thank you

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