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Wedding day

A child showed an interest in weddings and said “I’m getting married” as she put a wedding dress on and found herself some flowers. Following this interest we then decided to make our own invitations to invite our friends to the “nursery wedding”. Some children wrote their friends names and handed out their invites before attending the wedding. These children copied letters down and overall formed recognisable letters OR spoke to an adult about their 'imaginative marks'.

The pre school children definitely acted out their own narrative and engaged in the same theme as each other. This involved walking down the isle and saying “I love you” to their friends. Also, throwing the flower bouquet into the audience, causing lots of laughter The children walked around nursery holding hands together as well we then all joined in having our “first dance” and showed a variety of dance moves throughout. The children were confident to practice spins, kicks and waltz's throughout.

This was a very special moment with all our teachers dancing too what a wonderful day with our friends and teachers.

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