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Volcano interest

This week we followed the interest of one of our friends and explored Volcanoes 🌋

We started by talking about what we already knew, one friend told us “fire inside” we then watched a short video on our interactive whiteboard and many of our friends came to join us, we found out that the fire was called Lava and when it comes out of the top it was called an ‘eruption’ many of the children picked upon this new vocab really well. So many children were really enthusiastic about watching the volcano and noticed lots of things from the video and we were really excited to learn more.

We then decided to create our own eruption experiment. We used cola and baking soda and watched as the reaction cause it to spill out of the top. It was a great experiment and captured the awe and wonder of the whole group 🌋The children were so pleased when the volcano began reacting with the bicarb of soda.

After this we then mark made our own volcanoes and used our gluing and sticking skills to make a volcano for our display :)

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