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Talking about feelings

Children’s mental health week

So far this week we have been focusing on ‘feelings’ and what these are and how they might make us feel inside and out. Some children in Pre-school were very confident to join in and participated throughout the whole conversation. One child said she feels happy today because her “mummy made me chocolate hoops for breakfast”. Some children recognised that they may feel “worried” and described this may be if we are “lost” or if the “lights go dark”. Throughout the day pre-school showed a good understanding of emotion. We created a brand new display board where the children designed the whole space themselves. For instance, we made rainbows using paint, drew what makes us happy and expressed what makes us “marvellous me”. One child commented I am thoughtful because….”I help mummy with her jobs” and I am good at…”my ABCs”. Some lovely comments and we are so proud of everyone

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