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St patricks day

Today we have been learning about the celebration St Patrick's Day We began the day by discussing what this is and why we think this is celebrated. We watched a video and learnt about how this is celebrated such as parades, dancing, St Patrick's day hats and decoration.  Following this we then watched our teacher Catherine teach us some Irish dancing moves. The children pointed their toes and began to follow the moves of up and down, hops and jumps. We also jigged in circles with our peers.

We designed our own St Patrick's Day hats and learnt what a shamrock is. This opened a variety of opportunities to ask questions and explore the world around us. This also allowed us to question and explore about different people and communities.

We designed our own rainbow pictures and hunted for gold in our green water. The children also made their own green shamrock shake for snack this afternoon.

In the babyroom and preschool room we explored a variety of tuff trays relating to St Patrick’s Day too.

Here are a selection of some photos but please check your child’s tapestry account for more

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