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Space week begins…..

This week the children in the baby room have explored moon sand! The children loved the feel and texture of the sand and the noise it made when we sprinkled it onto different materials! we discovered different planets underneath the sand and loved trying to balance the space pieces on top of the moon! We enjoyed lots of space related nursery rhymes, twinkle twinkle and hey diddle diddle were our favourite! We loved watching the cow jump over the moon as it made us giggle the children in the baby room also made their own space rock cakes and enjoyed eating these at snack time

Pre-school have explored numerous space books and learnt new interesting facts about the world around us. We have explored different planets and their names by exploring a large scale planet sheet The children pressed buttons on a robot and explored the sounds and movements it made. We shall be following this interest/topic throughout the following week. I wonder where our imagination will take us next…..

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