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Spa day

Today we had our very own Little Leaps Spa Day at nursery. On the pre-school side the children had their very own foot spas and face masks. The children applied the ‘yoghurt mask’ onto their friends and placed cucumbers onto their eyes. We listened to calming music throughout this time too. In the foot spas we had lemons, limes and rose petals too. Some children chose to have a foot massage by an adult too.

We then made our own smoothies for snack time including banana, blackberries, yoghurt and milk. Some children described the textures during this time.

At welcome time we discussed how we are feeling today and all the children put their thumbs up. The children were asked what makes them happy and we received a variety of answers such as; “going to the farm” “ my mummy”, “playing with my toys” and “when mummy takes me to nursery”  After our discussion we did some stretches and took some deep breaths before going to play.

In our role play area we created a nail salon and hair dressers.

Throughout the day we participated in some yoga activities and other exercise programmes. The children participated enjoyed Danny Go exercise work outs and dancing too.

Some quotes from the children today “I love it forever” and “spa day is amazing”

Seems like spa day was a success in the children’s eyes  and ours too.

In the babyroom the children enjoyed bathing the toy dolls and cleaning them too. During this time the children had their very own hand and foot massages by one of their teachers- Susan.

The children in the babyroom also sang lots of calming songs and looked at that facial features naming different parts of their body. What a lovely special day.

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