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Saftey Week

Saftey Week

Child Safety Week is intended to instigate conversations around child safety and spread awareness of how parents, carers, and educators can prevent accidents through promoting awareness through activities.

Therefore we have focused on the importance of road safety through a range of activities. The children explored tuff trays and activities in our indoor and outdoor provision.

The children focused on a bucket time activity where Luxmi did a “traffic light” session for the children. She discussed what each light meant and why it is important to follow these rules.

We have always managed this and discussed with the children when we visit our local area at nursery. "We need to wait for the green man" "When is it safe to cross?" . The children wear high vis's and pre-school understand the importance as to why we wear these. This week we went to the local park and had to cross the road during our walk. A child/ staff member pressed the button and waited for the traffic to stop and for the green man to appear. We checked left and right before crossing the road too.

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