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Safety reminder

Tis' the season... but dont forget safety

Gentle reminder with regards to Padded clothing and winter coats and car seat!

Thick winter coats and other padded clothes such as snowsuits are too thick to safely wear in a car seat, it impossible to adjust the harness tight enough over a padded item of clothing.

In the event of an accident or even harsh braking, the 'air buffer' of the winter jacket is compressed, so that there is much more space for movement within the harness than is safe.

If you're unsure you can test it out by using the harness with the coat and then removing the coat to see how snug the harness is.

For babies, a car seat footmuff is ideal as it keeps them snug like a sleeping bag but without interfering with the harness.

For older children you can put their coat on backwards once they're strapped into the car seat or simply use a blanket. Many children wear a fleece in the car too as this is warm without being too thick.

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