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Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 2022

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day with a Party theme. The children and staff dressed up in costumes, party wear and bright colours to celebrate the event.

We started our day by writing our own party invitations and role playing a narrative alongside this theme. We celebrated in style by joining in with our own talent show. The pre-school children particularly enjoyed singing and dancing on their very own stage. They were so proud of themselves and some children clearly grew in confidence throughout.

We also played party games including musical statues and musical bumps. We enjoyed our party food snacks too; also having our homemade Red Nose Day cakes. We also designed party decorations and were creative with our ideas. In the baby room the children enjoyed exploring the Red tuff trays and creative activities too. Such a fun celebrating and raising money for Red Nose Day.

To make a donation please follow the link below:

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