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Following our interest over the last few weeks and linking with our rhythm of the year planning we have been busy planting our own sunflowers and numerous vegetables. Today we explored the changes and why these changes may have taken place. We then read a flower book we chose from the library and explored new and interesting facts about different types of flowers and plants. Some pre-school children recognised how they grow

We planted a variety of vegetables for our vegetable patch in the garden. We have planted our own carrots, pumpkins, cress and beetroot; plus more. We will continue to observe these indoors and move them into our planters once they are ready to go outdoors.

Please ask your children what they have learnt today about the vegetables and plants and I’m sure they will have so much to tell you

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The children in the babyroom have been busy making biscuits today the children rolled the mixture together and cut out their own biscuits using shape cutters

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