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Pancake day

In recognition of pancake day, the children engaged in a variety of fun, yummy and explorative activities.

This morning the pre school children showed full interest by exploring our tuff tray full of different real life ingredients such as ; flour, syrup, lemons and made their own ‘pancakes’. The children described key words including the smell and texture. Throughout this activity the children role played their own narratives and ideas.

In the babyroom the children also explored a pancake day tuff tray and were particulary interested in the lemons. The baby also made their own 'pancakes' by using playdough and practiced rolling the dough backwards and forwards.

The children on the pre-school side decorated pictures of pancakes and created their own designs.

At snack time the children on both pre-school and babyroom decorated their own pancakes with toppings of choice 

For pudding at lunch time today, the children had homemade berry pancakes made by Jenny our chef too!

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