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Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day

We have celebrated pancake day in a variety of ways; especially by making and decorating our own pancakes. This morning the children helped prepare their own snack and chopped an array of fruits using a child safety knife.

This included blueberries, strawberries and grapes; using our fine motor skills to cut the fruits in half.

Then; in the afternoon we made our very own pancakes and decorated these with different ingredients including lemon juice etc.

We also made our own “pancake playdough” and included lemon juice into the mixture for a different scent to smell. The children were imaginative with their play and pretended to make these pancakes for their friends. Also in our home corner we hung our own pancake numbers up and used our fine motor skills and pincer grip to place these onto our “washing line”.

We had pancake ingredients on display too for the children to make their own creations. The children particularly enjoyed mixing the flour into pots and pans as well and sharing with their peers and practitioners.

The children in the baby room also enjoyed exploring our pankcake sensory tray.

What a fun day

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