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This term the pre-school children have shown an interest in volcanoes (stemmed from our previous dinosaur interest). Some children were very inquisitive and asked a variety of questions throughout our volcano based activities. One child said “they are dangerous, have you seen a volcano?” And “the lava is too hot you need to be careful”.

We watched a video about volcanoes and learnt where the biggest volcanoes are situated. Some children remembered some of the facts they had learnt and used this within their imaginative play afterwards.

We then created our own volcano for our display at nursery. A further discussion formed around this topic. We then made our own volcano at nursery...

This caused no end of awe and wonder! The children were amazed!...

Throughout our dinosaur interest we practiced our scissor skills and cut a variety of plants and flowers from our gardening books as “food for our dinosaurs”.

We believe these abilities are a fantastic way for building fine motor skills. With the open and closing motion of cutting, it allows children to develop the small muscles in their hands. These skills are also important for hand eye coordination too. We also found that the activity supported children’s listening and attention as it required concentration and attention to detail whilst using their scissors. One child was so proud of their achievement they said “look at me, look at me, I did it I did it” as they proudly held up their cutting.

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