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Nursery Spa Day

Our nursery spa day:

Our spa day stemmed from the children’s own interests at nursery this week and the spa day helped to extend these interests further.

We created foot spas with an array of scents, applied cucumber eye masks to ourselves, our teachers and the toy dolls.

As you can see below, we had yoghurt face masks too and relaxed whilst one of the practitioners took on the role of a beauty therapist...

We also took part in yoga classes to encourage mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. The pre-school children followed the relevant instructions from the yoga instructor and copied their practitioners too.

We also had a fruit platter at snack time with yogurt and we made our very own homemade mango smoothie which was a success. We also tried lemon and lime water too.

We opened a role play nail salon and used paint to decorate and create our own designs. We also had a pretend make up station to decorate with different collage pieces.

Our baby room children also incorporated our spa theme!

They enjoyed exploring lemon and cucumber water, trying homemade healthy smoothies to and visited the hair and nail salon!

What a lovely day for everyone at nursery (in our pyjamas and dressing gowns too).

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