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Nature theme

In the nursery garden we found our very own worm living in the planter soil.

This was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children to explore the world around them.

Some children were keen to investigate and were confident to handle the worm. One child explained to their peers to be “careful” whilst holding the worm. Some children in pre-school made links of where the worm lived and the food they may eat to survive. This was fantastic to explore all aspects of the environment too.

Lots of great thinking and ideas observed throughout this in the moment activity.

And we spotted a birds nest in a tree Lots of exciting learning opportunities ahead. We've already incorporated these interests into our 'nature' theme this term.

Following this interest (in the moment) we found out a variety of facts about worms. The children were amazed that worms "don't have eyes" and were keen to explore this further. We made our own fact books about worms too and drew/ wrote in our books. Fantastic to see so many ideas and new interesting facts we had not heard about before!

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