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Natural materials

Today we felt a variety of natural items collected by a teacher at the beach. We explored the items and was able to describe the textures. One child held the sea shells up to his ear and said “I can hear the sea”. The pre school children were in awe and spent time listening and engaged throughout the activity. As staff we observed lots of fascination and children bought their own ideas forward of what the items could be.

One child was keen to show all staff and said “it’s got slime in it” as he explored inside a spiral shell. “Do we have to wash it ?” “What could it be?” He said. “That’s odd” he said as he tried to look inside.

We explored different videos about the sea and what else we can find in the ocean. This was a great opportunity to ask questions and explored curiosity. We found that the children were keen to feel the seaweed and explore the variety of shells during this time too.

We will explore this interest even further throughout a variety of activities at nursery…..

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