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National tree week

National Tree Week

-The main focus of National Tree Week is planting more trees, and there’s a lot we can do both in nursery and in our community. If you have space, why not plant some of your own trees?

There’s plenty you can do at home to encourage children to celebrate this week. This is a great opportunity for teaching different kinds of trees, which ones are most common in your area, and how they can tell the difference. The aim of this week is to help make people aware of the environment around them and help them think about how they can keep it safe and sustainable.

Already this week we have been focusing on ‘trees’ and having a discussion about what trees need to grow, what can grow on trees and how we can look after trees. The children painted their own designs whilst discussing this further. We have a range of planting activities ready for the afternoon and the rest of the week to enhance this learning opportunity further.

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