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National recycling week

On Tuesday we began our interest in national recycling week. At welcome time we focused on what ‘recycling’ is and what it means to us.

Some children were unfamiliar with this so we went over to an activity tuff tray to explore different items we may we able to recycle or what bin to put it inside. For example, we found a sock and the children were able to identify it went in the “clothes” bin.

Also, that a glass jar went in the “glass bin”. Afterwards we explored our nursery and went on a scavenger hunt to see what recycle items we could find. One child said “look look” as they pointed to different items which we may be able to recycle. We looked for symbols and colours to be able to recognise these different items.

One child said “green” as they pointed to a symbol on a boxwe also explored further pictures and matched them to the correct bin.

Also, a beach tuff spot was designed to show the effects of waste in our oceans. The children used tweezers to help remove the waste and rescue the animals. Some children also helped make green playdough and painted our recycling symbol too.

The toddlers baked their own cakes and ensured they decorated it with green icing to follow our interest and topic in our rhythm of the year.

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