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National Reading Day

Today we have spent time engaging in a variety of stories chosen by the children. They voted their favourites and we focused on these throughout the day. A particular favourite was the gruffalo and therefore we created our own gruffalo designs.

The children were imaginative with their creations and discussed key words from the story throughout. We created our own tuff trays around this interest too. We shared books on our similarities and differences. This was then a focus to discuss our own similarities and differences too. This allowed time for questioning and the children thinking of their own ideas and questions to share to the group.

Throughout our group times, independently and 1:1 the children have engaged really well in a variety of books.

The babies particularly enjoyed “That’s not my dinosaur” and “dear zoo” also joining in with tuff tray activities around these books. They copied some key sounds and movements from the books ie, stomping like dinosaurs

It would be fantastic to continue national reading day at home with your child. Please upload any photos onto tapestry

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