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National Numeracy Day 2023

National Numeracy Day 2023: Building brighter futures through confidence with numbers. At Little Leaps Nursery we incorporate maths into everyday provision. However, this week we have had an even bigger focus in this area. We have been recognising heavy objects compared to light objects. During this time we found the pre-school children showed fantastic estimation and working out skills. An adult asked “which one is the lightest?” the children had the opportunity to feel the objects too.

We have been recognising numerals throughout a range of activities too. Some children then practiced writing their own numbers too. We have used bricks to count, estimate and balance too. The babies have also been busy balancing the larger bricks and have been stacking them together. The babies have been singing lots of nursery rhymes too (including numbers) and have been playing the instruments alongside. The toddler group have been focusing on shapes and recognising these in various activities. For example, flash cards, shape recognition games on the interactive screen and jigsaw puzzle. Some toddlers recognised the shapes and counted them too.

Throughout our cooking club activities we have been weighing ingredients and comparing the weight as well.

A very busy week so far; filled with lots of numbers and new interests sparking amongst the children.

What fun we have had

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