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My Nursery pen pal visit

This week we had a very exciting trip to our pen pals at our sister nursery 'My Nursery'. We all walked to a bus stop and waited patiently for the bus to arrive. We were all excited for the bus to come and take us to meet our new friends. On our way we spotted a variety of Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. Once arriving at My Nursery the children were greeted by the pre school performing their Christmas Nativity; some of us joined in with their songs. We had a chance to meet and play with the 'My Nursery' preschool and toddler room children. The children at Little Leaps shared biscuits that they had made and delivered Christmas cards, Christmas decorations and snow men gifts. Whilst in the toddler room the children had hot chocolate, biscuits and mince pie treats shared by the children at My Nursery. We played some more and explored the different rooms at the nursery. Honey Bear also came on the visit to play with everyone.

What a fun and exciting trip today thank you My Nursery for hosting us today. We can’t wait to share our photos with you and continue our pen pal journey.

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