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Mental health week- spa day

Continuing supporting children’s mental health we have had our very own spa experience today we all arrived in our pyjamas ready for the day ahead. The children in both baby room and preschool have been exploring and had the opportunity to relax during a range of activities. For instance, in our spa we have had the chance to soak our feet in lemon water or with rose petals. We relaxed with yoghurt face masks and cucumber on our eyes. We listening to calming music and participated in yoga activities too. We experienced scented water with limes and lemons too. The children enjoyed pouring from one jug into another.

Pre-school children made their very own healthy smoothies using banana, yoghurt, milk and mixed berries. We then decorated our biscuits (homemade yesterday) for someone we love the children have begun making cards for someone they love too.

The children in the baby room also tried some homemade smoothie and decorated their biscuits too. The children made natural yoghurt paintings too, exploring the smell and textures during this time.

The babies also explored a range of scented playdough to mould, squeeze and roll too.

What a lovely relaxing day for us all

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