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Learning about animals

Today we explored a range of animals, where they are from and where they may live. We explored our atlas to find new and interesting facts. One child said “I’ve been to the zoo before- chestington “ this then sparked a lot more questions. The child said ”Lions, zebras, tigers, elephants and monkeys- 10 elephants were there” and “ there were some frogs”.

We explored why some animals live in the zoo and some animals are wild too. We used paint to make animal prints and explore the different sized prints these marks left such as “big” and “small”. We then drew our own pictures onto the paper (most were a variety of animals we found in the book). One child drew an elephant onto his page and drew recognisable features The children then looked at our world map and globe and painted their own globes too.

We can’t wait to learn even more interesting facts

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