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Insects play an important role in our natural world. Helping children learn about the world around them and the environment helps provide a good basis for early childhood development.

Here at Little Leaps we often observe children's curiosity and inquisitiveness about insects. Insects are fascinating and provide a wealth of benefits to the wider environment. We like to follow children's interests and focus on these at nursery.

For example, after an initial interest in a ladybird some children continued to search for insects around the garden. After bug hunting for some time the children found a worm in the soil. The children were happy to ask questions and explore some new interesting facts about worms. One child said "Does it have eyes?" "Why isn't it moving?" "why doesn't it have legs?" as they closely looked through a magnifying glass.

Learning about insects can play a big role in children’s understanding of the world. Understanding the World provides powerful, meaningful context to children’s learning and development. This understanding enables children to make sense of their expanding world and their place within it through nurturing their wonder, curiosity, agency and exploratory drive. We continued the children's interest by looking through fact books at nursery and videos too. The children continued going on bug hunts throughout the afternoon too. We found spiders and other other insects too.

The children in the baby room have also been very interested in insects (especially spiders) Following this interest the children went on a walk around the local area before visiting the park Learning about and looking for insects is a fantastic activity that encourages children to enjoy their outdoor environment.

I wonder what other insects we may find this week.....

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