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Home learning:

Following our interest in pre-school this week around 'birds' and our own nursery nature walk we thought it would be fun to extend the children's learning even further. At home you could help support this interest by:

Going on a colour hunt – Children can find things in nature that go with different colours of the rainbow.

Go on a Minibeast (insect) hunt- What minibeasts can you find? How many? Where did you find the different minibeasts?

Go on a season hunt- Children can find objects that are common in the season (e.g. scavenger hunt).

Go on a shape hunt- Find 2D or 3D shapes in the environment. You may want to bring some shape examples so children can compare them.

Make a nature collage- Children may collect things they find on their walk and later use it to make a collage.

Children can paint and print pictures using things (such as leaves) that they find on a walk.

Children can use sticks to make pictures and patterns.

Please add any of these photos onto your child's tapestry account so we can share these at nursery For example any animals you may have seen etc...

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