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Home Learning

For those new in upper pre-school room; we have our own nursery teddy ready for adventures at your house. The Teddy Bear (called Honey) will be on rotation throughout the year to ensure every child has the opportunity for this experience. A staff member will give you notice beforehand Honey will bring a story with them to read plus a stay over bag including a toothbrush and other appropriate resources depending on age/ stage of development. We are hoping this will encourage your child to brush their teeth for two minutes at morning and night alongside the teddy to promote good oral hygiene. We will keep you updated on tapestry with further information when it is your child's turn. Honey is currently staying at nursery this week and is excited for the teddy bears picnic on Friday! Honey will then be ready for his first adventure of the term....

Lower pre-school: Get ready for a home learning book bag! Following your child's interest or topic at nursery; books relating to these areas will be sent home with your child. We find this to be a great home learning opportunity to share with your child. We can share photos etc with the children at nursery afterwards too. We often find this a great conversation; sparking to lots of questioning from the other children. Please keep an eye out on tapestry to see when it's your child's turn.

Babyroom- Bedtime Bunny. Bunny will soon be ready for stayover time with your child. Bunny loves stories too and can't wait to see where they are going on their first adventure. Please keep your eyes posted on tapestry for an exciting new announcement about Bedtime Bunny.

Any questions then please speak to a member of staff

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