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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Over the last week we have celebrated how much we love our families and friends Throughout the week we have explored a variety of ‘Valentine’s themed’ activities too. For instance we have been very creative and drawn/ painted the people we love. One child said “I love my mum the most” as they drew a special picture for their mummy. Some children then extended this idea and made their very own special booklets to take home. This included "everything I love" which varied from family members to chips from Mcdonalds.

We also designed our own cards and some children practiced writing their own names too. Some children chose to make their own Valentine’s flowers too using celery to print their designs.

We explored other red creative and messy activities too. For example in the baby room the children loved exploring the jelly and love heart pasta for printing.

We absolutely loved making our “valentines smoothies” using red ingredients such as strawberries and cranberry juice. All children tried the smoothie and described it as “ice cream”, “milkshake” and “yummy”. We made our own love heart biscuits too and enjoyed these at snack time.

We have also read a variety of stories relating to the people we love and care for. This was a great opportunity for discussion during our group times.

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