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Growing and gardens

This term the pre-children showed a love for planting their own vegetables in our nursery garden. Already the children have taken on the responsibility of watering the plants and have taken on particular tasks to care for them. Planting the vegetables was a fantastic sensory exploration for the children too; they particularly loved feeling the soil and helping an adult plant them into the ground.

The children sat alongside an adult and planted their very own sunflowers too. The children used a spade to pick up the soil and mixed it into their own plant pot. They particularly liked picking up the watering can and filling it with water for their flower.

An adult showed the children a picture of a sunflower and some children understood the pattern of change. A child said “we water it”. And ”put it in the sun”.

Following our interest in gardening and growing we have planted our own cress seeds. We have planted some onto cotton wool and some into some soil so we can compare the two experiments. Our pre school children are very helpful watering their own cress seeds; waiting for them to grow.

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