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European day of languages

Each morning and afternoon at welcome time we sing hello to our friends in a variety of languages (their home language)

. Today we extended our languages and learnt new words for hello. Some children were confident to repeat the languages back to an adult and to the group as well. One child said “bonjour” and “gutan tag” as well.

Afterwards, some pre school children showed an interest in decorating a variety of flags. The children helped research the flags on our iPad so we could see the colour ready to use on their flag sheet. The children then matched the correct colours onto the world flags. We also spent time discussing where we were all born in the world. We read “ a world full of babies” and learnt interesting facts about babies around the world (humans and animals). We designed a world globe using paint colours and talking about the world we live in.

The children in the baby room particularly enjoyed dancing to a variety of nursery rhymes in a variety of languages such as Kannada. They enjoyed moving to the beat and clapping along with musical instruments. What a fun day we’ve all had.

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