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Diwali is known as the 'festival of lights'. Therefore, we designed our own lamps called ‘diyas’. We used playdough and moulded the shape ourselves. The children decorated them with sequins and other colourful materials. We then put a candle inside to light up nursery. One child said “I’ve got the glitter on it”

We then made our own bhaji’s and ate these at snack time; also trying other foods. We decorated biscuits in a variety of colours for the ‘festival of lights’. The children picked their own colours to create their design.

The children in both the baby room and preschool room decorated their own bright and glittery designs in rangoli patterns and fireworks too. Some children traced their designs and some children created their very own.

The children also spent time in a variety of tuff trays which can be seen on the photos below. These included rice, pasta and coloured beads.

Throughout the week we are going to participate in a range of activities to continue celebrating Diwali. Any families also celebrating Diwali please feel free to share these photos on your child’s tapestry account. Thank you.

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