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Dinosaur interest

With this week being our healthy eating week we discussed the importance of what healthy eating does for our bones. Over the last couple of days, many of our children have taken an interest in dinosaurs. We decided to take the time in the morning to make our own dinosaur bones to explore and discuss and the types of foods that strengthen them.

We began by reading a fact story about dinosaurs and the kinds of things they ate. The children began to understand the difference between carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. This lead to a discussion about why the dinosaurs are no longer on the earth. The children were very excited to know that they were going to make their own bones! The children spoke about the ingredients to make salt dough (salt, water and flour) and were encouraged to mix their dough themselves. They did a fantastic job and recognised they needed more flour when it was too sticky and more water when it was too crumbly.

Afterwards the children used their skills which have been practiced through our dough disco and the children rolled, squashed and pinched their dough and we made a fantastic first batch. The children were so interested in the activity that it continued into the afternoon.

Following this, the children sat down and created a tasty smoothie which included Strawberries, Banana and Oranges. They then had a discussion about why these are healthy and how it makes our bones big and strong.

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