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Dinosaur Day  

Wow what a special day for awe and wonder

The children in the pre school room enjoyed looking at fossils this morning, that a teacher had brought in. The children showed lots of interest and asked questions such as "how old is this one?" and "what animal did this tooth come from?" - a child made various guesses for each question, such as thinking the tooth may have come from a shark, or a t-rex. A child also talked about how sharp the tooth was, and made comparisons to his own teeth, stating "I have sharp teeth too, but not this sharp".

We also enjoyed looking at the ammonite fossils, and named different colours we could see, such as red, white and brown, and even rainbow. Some children felt the ammonite shells and described them as "bumpy".

In both the baby room and pre school room we explored a variety of dinosaur tuff trays such a dinosaur swap, making footprints and more. The children made dinosaur biscuits using dinosaur feet to make the prints on their homemade biscuits.

Dinosaurs have always been a huge favourite by the children so what a fantastic opportunity to spend the whole day learning about them.

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