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Chinese New Year

This week in the baby and pre-school room we have celebrated Chinese New Year. We have been very creative making our own lanterns and paintings too.

We have listened to a variety of Chinese music and expressed ourselves through dance.

We have explored different textures in our tuff spots and had our own go at using chopsticks; which was a great practice for our fine motor skills. We focused on the year of the Tiger and explored stories and learnt facts from our interactive screen too. This morning the pre-school children watched a video and also listened to a practitioner too explaining new fun facts. We then designed our own fact book about tigers.

We drew and painted pictures of tigers, wrote a variety of numbers (such as their weight) and practiced our scissor skills as we cut our pictures out to stick into our book.

We have loved exploring activities relating to Chinese New Year, inspiring the children's learning and exploring the world around them.

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