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Children‘s interests:

One child had seen some pictures of fossils in a dinosaur related activity during the start of the week, and asked Noah to bring in some real fossils, as they remembered he brought them in before. Throughout the week we enjoyed looking at them, and explored the different types of fossils, such as ammonites, trilobites, and even a tooth. One child said "I can use the magnifier glass to make it bigger", and he had a good look at the different shapes and textures. He made lots of insightful comments, such as noticing how ammonites looked like snails, and he compared trilobites to woodlice. A pre school child also noted that "it's as old as dinosaurs!", and he took care when handling them, understanding that they are very special. They even asked "can we make fossil biscuits like this and have our own". Therefore, we made our own biscuits using dinosaur feet to make imprints onto them.

Fantastic learning opportunities and so much awe and wonder

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