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Children's art week

Children’s Art Week is a fantastic opportunity to encourage families, children and young people and schools to take part in fun, creative activities that they might not have tried before.

This week the theme is Nature

The staff team have been working hard to provide the children with lots of opportunities to explore art

Art is more then paint and we enjoy providing the children with a variety of ways to create their own art.

As part of Art and nature week, the 2 year old group have explored a rainforest pool, been on a nature walk and had a great week trailing new ways to paint

We collected leaves, flowers and sticks to take back to nursery to play and create with.

The children took lots of interest in there surroundings and they enjoyed feeling the textures.

The children also enjoyed searching google with an adult for different insects, some of them were the same as in our rainforest, one child used his newly developed vocabulary to describe the insects, when he saw the fly he said ‘yuck’ and described the butterfly as big and blue!

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