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Bug houses

Today preschool made their own bug houses to go out in the garden following many of the childrens interest in minibeasts

The children worked together to create, build and experiment with the junk modelling. They waited paitently for glue and sellotape and before the adult could get to the table had already shared all the boxes out really well.

One child added a cardboard tube to the front "tunnel into the house", one child added a bowl shaped pot in the center as a "bath for the bugs to go into", Another child taped up his box and made a small circle at the back "door for the bugs, so its nice and dark inside".

You should all be so proud of yourselves.

Once we had finished creating we then went out in the garden to decide where we wanted to put them, some children decided they wanted to take theirs home whilst others found a space in the garden to put it.

After snack we all then went outside to see if any bugs had found their way into the houses we found a few snails whilst exploring the garden too and loved exploring how these looked and felt (slimey trails and hard shells).

This was such a fun activity and the children were so engaged.

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