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Bonfire night

The children in the pre-school room have created a variety of Bonfire Night crafts; now proudly shown on our display board at nursery.

The children have made marks using paints, shapes, mark making tools and their fingers too. Every design is very individual and shows creative thinking too

“I’m going to turn you into a princess” a pre school child said as they used a pipe cleaner as an imaginary wand. The children explored the glitter with their hands and made marks in it too. “I made a candy” “Look I made a lollipop” “look at my spider” one pre school children said as they used the loose parts to create her own creative and imaginative ideas.

These conversations then led onto bonfire night and the fireworks we have seen so far

We used pipe cleaners and buttons/ other loose parts and made sparklers and campfire equipment.

In the pre-school room we then moved onto a science experiment and watched what happened when food colouring, oil and water was mixed with glitter too. We explored the colour changes and explored what happened to the mixture

On both the baby room side and pre school side the children have been creating their own firework pictures too

So many more in the moment ideas sparked and focused activities around bonfire night to come

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