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Baby room interests

Over the last term the babies have shown an interest in ’The hungry caterpillar’.

The children enjoyed playing with box and placing the different food and balls into the different slot (as can be seen on image below).

The children also took part in some caterpillar printing using the cardboard rolls in different coloured paints and mark makes on the paper and also also used their hands in paint to make butterfly’s.

The babies have also shown an interest in the book Dear Zoo too.

The babies have loved exploring the tuff trays filled with shredded paper, crunched up wheetabix, coloured lentils, grass and sand. The children were able to hide and find the different animals having a go at making the noises of them during their play.

The babies also explored the zoo opening and closing the different boxes to find the different animals as we read the book together pointing at the animals and boxes.

The babies also took part in making their own animal masks choosing different coloured paints.

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